If I…

This is my first attempt at vulnerability. It is not fair to ask others to be vulnerable and not do the same. I have loved to write and worked on lyrics for every band I’ve been in. I never shared a single word of that. In the spirit of “Be the change” here it is, my first ever publicly shared piece of personal writing.

If I lived to be one hundred
All I want is to be seen
Not by the world or even “the man"
Nope that’s not for me
I want to be known by you
If I die tonight
All I hope is to be remembered
Not by people who thought not of me
No they will never see me
I want to live in your heart
If I wake to see you gone
All I want is to have known
Not that the world saw our joy
I know they did
Only to know you lived in peace

Published by Matthew Plotner

Matthew has been studying emotions and emotional intelligence since 2010. It was about this time he started to question his own ideas of self, beliefs, and “truth”. During this “search” he came across a book by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh. That was the insight that was needed. The ideas and philosophy that were shared in that book led to a need to know more.

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