No One

This one came about while I my office in an odd mood. My mind kept drifting back to this lone place I was in. I feel like I am starting over in my life.

Alone again in this mind
Scream it so loud no one hears
Retreat inside for safety
No one here will betray me
Fear again is all I see
Gone, where did the noise go
Silence is a drill to my heard
No one hears the constant dread
Accept again all is well
Choice is made, now we wait
Resent the path you thought you knew
No one knows your mind, only what you do
Alone again in my mind
Peace fills what once screamed
Noise becomes all that I am
No one cares so in silence I am

Published by Matthew Plotner

Matthew has been studying emotions and emotional intelligence since 2010. It was about this time he started to question his own ideas of self, beliefs, and “truth”. During this “search” he came across a book by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh. That was the insight that was needed. The ideas and philosophy that were shared in that book led to a need to know more.

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