Is He a Man?

Not a fan of this title. I am not sure what this one is. It felt like I was trying to find what it is to be a man. Not like in XY chromosomes, that is not what makes us men. But what is it? And where do I find it?

You see a strong man
Battle tested and burnt
Hollow so he can stand
Brittle but not yet cracked

I see a broken man
Battle beaten and torn
Empty so he won’t feel
Fragile but not unburdened

She sees a new man
Battle ready and tested
Blank to be rewritten
Soft but easily moved

No one sees a missing man
Battle warn and spent
Gone so he is here
Split but already reborn

Published by Matthew Plotner

Matthew has been studying emotions and emotional intelligence since 2010. It was about this time he started to question his own ideas of self, beliefs, and “truth”. During this “search” he came across a book by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh. That was the insight that was needed. The ideas and philosophy that were shared in that book led to a need to know more.

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