What Is It

This is a look in my crazy. I have often wondered what is it that will live on. What part of us resist change? Why do we choose the hide or deny feelings? If we are all aware that emotional intelligence, emotional release (crying), and vulnerability make a full life. So what is it that stops us?

What is it that lives on?
Beautiful words, sweet sounds
Memories that fill the air

What is it that resists change?
Spoiled soul, broken soul
Fear in all he does

What is is that feels?
Knowing love, hearing hate
Lost to time forever

What is it that grows?
Lives long, sees all
Caring not who sits to judge

Published by Matthew Plotner

Matthew has been studying emotions and emotional intelligence since 2010. It was about this time he started to question his own ideas of self, beliefs, and “truth”. During this “search” he came across a book by Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thích Nhất Hạnh. That was the insight that was needed. The ideas and philosophy that were shared in that book led to a need to know more.

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