Matthew Plotner

About me

Matthew is all too familiar with the agony that comes with being trapped in an emotional prison. He was arrested for aggravated assault in 2009, and even after spending a day in jail, paying fines, and taking twelve weeks of anger management classes, Matthew was still consumed by anger. But his experience sparked something within him.

Matthew continued attending the anger management classes for three years, gradually transforming from a resentful student to an enthusiastic instructor. He knew he had to delve into the root of his anger, which was deeper than his emotional struggles. In 2010, Matthew and his wife started a family.


In 2012, Matthew began working as a facilitator with The Center for Healthy Behavior in Newnan, Ga. It was at this center that he discovered an effective approach to teaching the Family Violence Intervention Program (FVIP) that fostered equality among all participants. This approach made a significant impression on Matthew.

After a few years of working with CHB, he started his own program called ReNew You Personal Growth Center in Dallas, Georgia. Matthew taught at both the Newnan and Dallas centers until 2018, when he closed the Newnan location and sold the Dallas office.


After years of teaching in the Georgia Family Violence Intervention Program, Matthew was disheartened by what he saw. He realized that the problem of domestic violence was not confined to Georgia alone but extended throughout the nation. Innocent women and children are losing their lives to men who could have been helped. The belief system that underpins domestic violence is failing our entire society, and we must work together to address it.